Buy one, gift one

I've been doing this for a few years now and it's finally starting to catch on. Every year, I'm approached by someone who knows someone else that needs a pick me up. One year, it was a woman going through a divorce and her friend wanted her to feel important and empowered, so she bought her a boudoir session from me. This person was so blown away by how awesome she looked, it was as if Christmas morning for her. The next year, I had a family purchase a family session because the father lost his job and couldn't afford the photos.

Then the idea hit me, people have such big hearts that they can crush this town, why not spread the cheer? So I brought out a different kind of BOGO. Buy you or someone you know a portrait session. You can donate a free session to a friend or family in need. it could be a family, a senior session, someone looking to love themselves through a boudoir shoot.

As I'm entering a new season of my life going through a divorce, now is the time to treat the divorced parents out there. There's a BOGO for you too.

This BOGO will be available to be booked up until 1/31/2022 and does not include sessions already booked at this writing. Brides and grooms, there's some love for you. Book before 12/31/2021 and get 20% off an 8-hour wedding package.

This year has been my best year in photography yet and due to my personal circumstances, I haven't even pushed my business that hard because my focus has been elsewhere. But still, you all came to me. I'm amazed, thankful, and hope to continue this trend in 2022.

Let's make some magic together. After all, after the last few years, we all kind of need it.