Tip 1

Choosing a photographer

Boudoir can be an intimidating experience if it is your first time looking to shoot one. When looking for a photographer, it is important that they have a portfolio that shows their work. Ask to see a gallery of boudoir images that they've taken. Ask to see review from past clients as well. This goes a long way to help choose who is going to capture this important moment for you.

Boudoir Gallery

Tip 2

Hair & Makeup

A lot of women opt to hire a professional stylist to put them in boudoir shoot condition. Ask your photographer. More often than not, they have a few people they can recommend. Comfortable doing your own? Let's do it! More often than not, my clients do their own hair and makeup because they have a look in mind that they know they can accomplish.

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tip 3

Shoot for you first

Too many times I have clients telling me that they want to do a boudoir session so that their significant other will notice them. They often send inspo photos of models they want to look like. Here's the thing: shoot for you first and the rest will follow. 10/10 times I'll challenge a client to shoot for themselves in how they feel sexy, what makes THEM feel good, and 10/10 their significant other is blown away. Shoot for you. Trust me, give them you. Or simply do the photos JUST for you, nobody else.




When doing a boudoir session for the first time, bring a friend along. Not only are they there for encouragement and to ease the nerves, but also for your safety and the safety of the boudoir photographer. If you're working with a male photographer and they do not allow you to bring a friend along, do not work with them. Again, this is not only for encouragement, but it is for your safety. You need to feel safe and respected on this important day!

Tip 5

You don't have to be a model

The first thing I hear from a prospective client is "let me lose a few pounds first" or "I'm not a model, I have a mom bod". First, you don't have to lose the 5 lbs because the 5 lbs will soon turn to a dozen more excuses. Any boudoir photographer will tell you that you do not have to be a model. You are just beautiful the way that you are and we're here to show you how powerful and amazing you are in the skin that you're in. This is about loving yourself for who YOU are.

Tip 6

Picking Outfits

Boudoir sessions are all about celebrating the crazy and beautiful you. Some feel sexy putting on lingerie and others feel sexy wearing an oversized shirt. It's whatever you feel comfortable in.

Outfit ideas



A Lot Of Boudoir Photographers Will Encourage You To Have A Little Liquid Courage In The Form Of Champagne Or A Mimosa And That Is Fine. But Don't Get Tipsy. Not Only Will It Reflect In The Images, But It's Also For Your Safety And The Safety Of The Photographer. Relax, just don't get drunk.

tip 8

no touchy

If you're choosing a male photographer to work with and they can't seem to get an idea across without feeling the need to touch you, pack up and leave. There's a difference between moving a stray hair in a boudoir session and touching when it is not necessary. Consent is super important in everything that you do, especially being a boudoir client. If you're not comfortable, say no.

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tip 9

Treat yourself before you treat yourself

Drink plenty of fluids in the days before to make your skin glow. Treat yourself to that nail appointment and that wax you've been putting off. Get plenty of rest. Get those tanlines filled in, but don't over do it with the tan. Treat yourself before you treat yourself!

Bad Tan

Tip 10

Collaborate with your photographer On ideas

We love to know what you're wanting. Even if it means sharing other's photographers' work for inspiration. Just know that we might use it more as an idea than a replication. Let your photographer know before hand what you are and are not comfortable with. Our role is to challenge you to celebrate you, but if you're not comfortable, we need to know. We want nothing short of you being comfortable.

Pinterest can mess up the artist's viewpoint.

bonus tip

finally, Pick a sexy playlist and have fun dammit.

I always encourage my clients to pick some music that they love to listen to to help put them in the mood while we shoot. Nine times out of ten, the 50 Shades of Gray Soundtrack gets played and it most definitely helps! Ii love joking around with my clients and getting them to laugh. You have to be able to let loose and have some fun! If you don't walk away from your session feeling empowered, smiling, and wanting to shoot again, then we have failed.

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