I don't usually do end of the year

blog posts, but 2020 being a year that was centuries long, it provided fodder for creativity. A few years ago, I fell back in love with shooting film. It has been a slow and steady pace to get back into it. But with 2020 and everyone and everything forced to a standstill, I shot more than I had in years. I was able to capture the last two portraits of my grandmother before everything shut down. She's still alive in a nursing home that hasn't allowed visitors since March. I ventured out during the shutdown to get some movement in my legs, to get some clicks in the shutter and capture scenes of empty streets. I also shot a lot of film at some BLM protests in the wake of George Floyd's senseless murder. But that will be for another post.

2020 was a long year. It was a painful year for many. I count myself to be one of the many. Shooting film has saved me from the crippling loneliness of the shutdown, of loss and from the sense of helplessness in the wake of the world falling apart.

I set aside some of my favorite frames of the year. I hope you enjoy. If you do and want to own a print, you can go here to make that happen.

Here's to a new year and hopefully a lot more clicks of the shutter.

side note: these were all shot using the following film stocks in 35mm and 120: Kodak ColorPlus 200, Kodak Portra 400, Kodak ProImage 100, Lomography 800 and FujiPro 400H. I used a wide assortment of cameras as I was auditioning some to be a part of my collection. They include a Canon SureShot, Olympus Stylus, Olympus Stylus Zoom, Oympus XA2, Canon AE-1, my go to Minolta X370 a Bronica ERTS 645 Medium Format.