It struck me the other day

while I was driving that this is the time of year where families get together, string together a bunch of identical outfits and smile (sometimes forcibly) for the camera in an effort to get Christmas cards out as soon as possible. Then there are others that simply just can't do it. What money they have goes to gifts, food to put on their tables, gas for the cars...if they can do any of that at all. I kept seeing ads for BOGO's for Black Friday and while I've certainly taken advantage of them in the past myself, I got to thinking that what if we could buy that one for ourselves and donate the other to someone that really needs it? I want to see if that can apply in the photo world. For the remainder of 2019, if you purchase a photo session for yourself, you have a free session that you can then give to a friend or a family who are in need. Maybe you know someone that is feeling as if 2019 is a decade, rather than a year because of all the nonstop negative kicks thrust their way all year long. Maybe you know someone who lost a family member, or lost a job and is trying to pick up the pieces. Maybe you know someone that is sick and might not be around this time next year. Buy a session for yourself, give the other session to them. We don't have to shoot it before the end of the year. Let's just get it scheduled.

This also applies to boudoir. Ladies, if you have a friend that you know has gone through a tough season this year and needs a pick me up session of their own, buy you one and give them one. Best gift you can give is a little self love.

Let's do this.